Bio Feedback and Hyperhidrosis

Description:Meditation Hyperhidrosis Treatment
Many patients are labeled as being too nervous and anxious. It is wrong to label those patients as suffering from hyper anxiety situations or nervousness. Hyperhidrosis is an involuntary physiological phenomena controlled by the involuntary sympathetic nervous system. Never the less attempts were and are being tried to control hyperhidrosis by means of bio-feedback or other psychological psychiatric methods. Bio-feedback in order to reduce anxiety and nervousness is one of these methods but is met with very little success.

Effectiveness of:
No study so far has shown bio-feedback to be of any help. Never the less if a patient or the doctor are convinced about this particular method then attempts can be made.

Bio-feedback is one of multiple methods mentioned in the medical and laymen literature. One should be very cautious to promises made but since there is no harm with those methods attempts can be carried out.

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